Shoreline Study (Survey)

August 16, 2007

Performed by the Ontario Stewardship Rangers
Ministry of Natural Resources

We have photocopies of the Shoreline Study Survey maps that are listed below. If you want a copy of one or more maps then let us know and we will send it you. There is a small cover charge (what it costs us) for each photocopy plus postage for mailing which we can collect from you later. Printing some of these maps may require a good amount of your printer's ink, whereas it's less expensive if you get a photocopy. Also, we have a copy of these files stored on a CD-RW disc which is kept in the Associations' records.

We think it's best to first study the colour maps, i.e., the Colour Overview Image because that gives you the shape of the lake's shoreline, shows where buildings are located, creeks, roads, etc. Also, read the first document, Faraday Lake Shoreline Assessment.

Next, you will notice PDF files numbered from 1 - 13. The order they should be arranged to correspond with the shape of the lake is that they start at number 1, which is the northend of our lake, and then they go clockwise in succession showing the shape of the shoreline of the lake, i.e., 1, 2, 3, etc. until number 13 is next to number 1.

Before you download the files to your computer for later use, please notice two of the files may be slow in downloading for those of you who are on dial-up. The files are "Benthic Study" (PDF 8.69MB) and "Shoreline Study" (PDF 13.6MB). The total file size of the documents on this page is about 40.8MB.

Clicking on each link will open the file in a separate browser window. When viewing each map, you will notice a number written on it (1 through 13).

Faraday Lake Shoreline Assessment (Word 24KB) - hard copy available.

A Shoreline Owner's Guide To Healthy Waterfronts (PDF 753KB) - we have free copies of this in a 28 page booklet form. Let us know if you would like to have a copy.

Colour Overview Image (PDF 1.76MB) - 2 colour maps, one map overlaps a part of the other.

Shoreline Survey (PDF 13.6MB) - this document shows the thirteen black and white maps.

Individual copies of the thirteen black and white maps:

1.pdf (PDF 1.04MB) 8.pdf (PDF 899KB)
2.pdf (PDF 1.08MB) 9.pdf (PDF 1.20MB)
3.pdf (PDF 982KB) 10.pdf (PDF 1.12MB)
4.pdf (PDF 989KB) 11.pdf (PDF 1.12MB)
5.pdf (PDF 998KB) 12.pdf (PDF 1.00MB)
6.pdf (PDF 807KB) 13.pdf (PDF 1.36MB)
7.pdf (PDF 1.09MB)  

Individual copies of the 2 colour maps. One map overlaps a part of the other:

C1.pdf (PDF 930KB)  
C2.pdf (PDF 884KB)  

Benthic Information (PDF 8.69MB). We should point out that the OSR Crew leader (Vern Bastable) completed studies in Environmental Technology and Ecology Management He suggested Benthic Studies be performed in the creeks at our lake. In addition, a few years ago the DFO and MNR biologists recommended we have the same. This year we hope to have the OSR crew perform one or two studies. Further details will follow.

Suggested Websites from the Shoreline Study: It's important that when you are looking at the pictures at these websites you should know that only the same species plants as our local trees, plants, shrubs etc., should be used. Using another species from even another part of the county or this province can be detrimental toward our lake's forest and shoreline environment. Only local native species should used. There's a few places around Bancroft where local varieties can be purchased. We will try to place a list of them here soon, along with details, so, please stay tuned!


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