Township of Faraday — Household Hazardous Waste Drop-Off Days

Recycle Instructions (PDF 68KB)

Questions: Faraday Municipal Office, 613-332-3638

Please remember the 3 R's, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Compost as much food waste as possible. The more we do this then the longer we can use the present waste site and the less expensive it will be for the township, taxpayers, and you.

If you enjoy campfires in the evening then try burning items such as cardboard, drinking cups etc., in the campfire.

Old worn-out wooden furniture, brush and tree limbs can be dropped-off at the waste site at the burn pile section. The attendants will burn it for you later.

Kitchen Garage/Shed Workshop General
abrasive powders fuels glues and cements batteries
ammonia based cleaners brake fluid paint (max. 20 - 4 litre) lighter fluid
chlorine bleach car wax (4 - 20 litre) mothballs
disinfectants motor oil paint stripper medicine
floor & furniture polish propane tanks rust remover  
oven cleaner pool chemicals thinners & turpentine Laundry
metal polish pesticides wood preservative bleach
drain declogger fuel (e.g., kerosene) stains and finishes stain remover

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Boating Safety Courses and Pleasure Craft Operator's Card

The Office of Boating Safety offers prevention-based programs to reduce the safety risks and environmental impacts of boating on Canadian waters. What is operator competency? What are the operator competency requirements? View the frequently asked questions about operator competency.

View a complete list of accredited course providers in alphabetical order. Also, contact a Canadian Tire Store near you for information about the course.

For a quick review, check the following links:

Copies of the "Safe Boating Guide" are available at the O.P.P. Station at 64 Monck Street (Highway 28 South).

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Well Water

Clean wells can provide cool, clean groundwater for you and your family. We depend on this precious water every day for cooking, washing, and drinking water. We must take care of our wells and groundwater for the sake of future generations. View events and forums that will be held in neighbourhoods across the province. Test your well water at least three times a year.

Rural wells can provide livelihood in rural areas through clean groundwater. They also have potential to be areas for contaminants. Old, abandoned wells that were not sealed properly allow surface contaminants to become point source contaminants.

View important facts before constructing a water well—M.O.E. Well Construction. For more information and regulations, check with the Health Unit at 613-332-4555 and Faraday Township at 613-332-3638.

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Faraday Township

View information about Faraday Township. Please contact them by telephone at: 613-332-3638. View township events.

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