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Our small, but deep lake contains mostly smallmouth bass and Lake Trout. The beautiful Lake Trout (salvelinus namaycush) isn’t actually a trout, but a char, which were left behind in the glacier melts of the last ice age. So the Lake Trout is akin to the Polar Bear, perfectly adapted to cold environments. Their most comfortable water temperature climate is 10-14 degrees C, which is why they tend to be easier to catch after the ice melts in the spring, and very difficult to catch as the warm temperatures of summer approach.

Unlike bass, or salmon, they are an extremely slow growing fish species, reaching reproductive maturity after a long 7 years. As a result, Lake Trout populations are extremely sensitive to environmental changes and over-harvest and we should do our best to conserve them for the future.

Lake Trout were one of the most abundant fish in the great lakes, fueling a huge fishing industry. Unfortunately due to their sensitivity their populations were decimated, leaving the only self-sustaining populations of Lake Trout to the far north.

Our lake is one of the few lakes that still have some Lake Trout in them so, as the huts start appearing on our lake, and you make your first fishing hole through the ice, please observe the MNR regulations for Lake Trout on our lake.

Visit MNR in Bancroft for fishing regulations at 106 Monk Street, Highway 28 South, or phone 613-332-3940.

Lake Trout Regulations at Our Lake

  • Open season: January 1 – September 30.
  • Daily catch limit: 2 fish per day (sport fishing licence), 1 fish per day (conservation licence).
  • Slot size: Trout caught between the lengths of 40cm to 55cm cannot be kept and must be released.

Good luck ice fishing in 2010; try to practice catch-and-release, and please stay safe on the ice.

Member of FOCA

Federation of Ontario Cottagers' AssociationsThe association is a member of FOCA and money saving member benefits are offered by them. We believe this is one good reason you should join our association.

Ontario Onsite Wastwater AssociationAnother reason to join is FOCA provides assistance and leadership to many associations by providing a resource centre and programs and services for cottagers and lake residents. Listed in this section are a few which are about environment, boating and cottage related events such as the Cottage Life Show and also you can read the free Elerts or sign up for them at the right.

Another one is their version of Boaternews.ca which will be launched December 1, and circulated monthly. Also, a special FOCA member benefit is coming soon and you will be able to access it through the link on FOCA's website on November 1. They will be offering:

  • a free on-line subscription to Boats and Places magazine, and
  • a 75% off the price of Boats & Places magazine.

If you want to take advantage of this now then please make a cheque for $20.00 payable to: F.T.L.C.L.A. and mail your cheque to: Anita Buttenham, 2203 Mariposa Road, Oakville, Ontario, L6M 4S1.

Joy Bible Camp

The Camp helps teenagers and young children by giving them an opportunity to enjoy just for a few days some of the things we do all summer. The counselors or leaders are people who volunteer their holiday time from work to help guide and instruct the young people. However, the costs to operate the camp continue to increase each year. We ask that you consider helping them either by volunteering some of your time at a work project or by sending a donation. You can contact the camp at 613-332-3696. We know they will appreciate your help.

Cottage Dreams Cancer Recovery Initiative Cottage Dreams is a charity that helps recent cancer survivors to spend some time at a private donated cottage to reconnect and rejuvenate with their family and friends after successfully completing treatment. For many years cottagers have found peace, tranquility and inspiration in cottage country. Cottage Dreams was created with this in mind.

The Association is not asking that you donate the use of your cottage, instead we are asking that you support Cottage Dreams with a donation of an amount you can afford. Together, we can help cancer patients during their recovery. Please donate online or mail your cheque to the address below.

Cottage Dreams
The Village Barn
195 Highland Street
P.O. Box 1300
Haliburton, ON K0M 1S0

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